Manuela Vanegas scored the winning goal in the 97th minute as Colombia beat Germany at the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

Linda Caicedo scored a superb goal to put South America ahead, before Germany equalized with Alexandra Popp’s 89th-minute penalty.

Vanegas then headed the net of Leicy Santos over Merle Frohms to send a large number of Colombian fans to the Sydney Football Stadium.

He condemned Germany for its first World Cup group stage defeat since 1995.

A stunning finish came after 18-year-old Caicedo brilliantly rolled the ball into the top corner in the 53rd minute to shock the double world champion. The final round of this group will kick off at 11:00 BST on August 3, with Colombia vs Morocco and Germany vs South Korea.

Colombia needs a point to top the group, while Germany needs a win to secure a place in the knockout stages.

Vanegas winner activates special scenes

Germany’s Lina Magull said before the match that she was ready for Colombia’s “passion” and physicality – but she received more than expected.

Faced with two-time world champions, Colombia turned the game into a real battle with plenty of midfield downs and tough challenges, while Germany rarely found any form. to catch up.

After Caicedo’s miraculous moment, Germany seemed to have escaped a point when Colombia’s goalkeeper Catalina Perez fouled Lena Oberdorf and captain Popp saved the penalty. However, Colombia had a different opinion, and it was the Vanegas full-back who was not the character that got their fans excited.

A large number of Colombian fans were present for their first win over South Korea at the same stadium, and they are once again known for their numbers and buzz here. At the final whistle, it looks like Sydney has turned into Bogota.

The only worrying moment for Colombia was centre-back Jorelyn Carabali, who was carried out on a stretcher in the dying seconds after colliding with Popp.

Germany’s 20-match winless streak at the Women’s World Cup – which began with a 3-2 loss to Sweden 28 years ago – is coming to an end. Much more worrying for them is their inability to outpace their physical and committed opponents, which will raise doubts as they aim to reach their first final since the championship. world most recently in 2007.

Wonder girl Caicedo’s newest showstopper

Caicedo’s professional journey so far has been far from normal – she debuted professionally at the age of 14 before being diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 15, undergoing chemotherapy and surgery.

His preparation for this match was not smooth either. She collapsed during a training session on Tuesday, although the Colombian side downplayed the problem as stress and fatigue.

A lot of stress was placed on Caicedo, the 18-year-old who was a key figure in Colombia’s attack – but early in the second half she proved exactly why with what you might call is the “Michael Owen moment”. At the age of 18 at the 1998 World Cup, England striker Owen broke through the Argentina defense to score a brilliant individual goal.

In 2023, Caicedo twisted and twisted somehow to find space among the crowd of German players, before piling the ball relentlessly into the net of goalkeeper Frohms.

If the football world did not know the name Linda Caicedo before, surely they know now. And if the football world didn’t pay attention to Colombia, it certainly is now.

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